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JITT64 (Java Ice Team Tracker) is a tool for creating music with the SID chip used into the Commodore 64.

This tracker is for making music without using low rastertime, but instead gives you a possibility to make very complex instrument definition. You have freedom in creating your music!

Each instruments (max 255) are based onto tables and one instrument can takes up to 2KB of data without sharing the definition with other instruments.

Not used features are removed when compiling the player to improve rastertime usage (it is possible to use undocumented opcode too).

TunesYou can create up to 255 tunes
TracksPattern can be transposed of +/- 15 semitones
One to 16 patterns can be repeated up to 17 times
PatternsThere are 223 patterns to use
Pattern can have a tempo of 3 up to 64 times
Dimension of patterns go from 2 to 255 ticks
There are 17 commands available
Various input available (even MIDI)
InstrumentsYou have 255 instruments to use
Tables are not share with instruments but are indipendents (2KB of data)
Various hard-restart of notes are availables
Raster-time usageRaster-time usage can vary from the option you abilitate:

Average of a tune with more zeta pages option and compilation optimization: min=$1D, avg=$27, max=$60

Average of a tune with compilation optimization: min=$1C, avg=$28, max=$66

Maximum of a tune without optimization: mix=$29, avg=$36, max=$7E

JITT64 has various themes to use, so even the look can follow your stile!

Current version is 1.0.4 that has actually those new features:

  • Song: after loading a song stops a previous song being played
  • Option: change Nimbus class as per Java package (now works again)
  • Option: add equal temperament scale, normal scale (Zarlian) and Pythagorean scale with custom A4 frequency values
  • Option: add flat look & feel
  • Pattern: replace instrument in selection with current
  • Player: accept a custom table of frequencies passed at runtime
  • Player: optimize AD and SR instruments code if they are used in commom way
  • Player: fix conditional compilation that skip all commands after 11
  • Player: fix 0.5X speed CIA timer
  • Packer: generate custom table of frequencies as per option
  • Packer: fix missing optimization error for first command of pattern

Version 1.03 has:

  • Instrument: add notes tool tips in piano roll
  • Instrument: real-time compilation added for piano roll
  • Instrument: piano roll accepts MIDI notes
  • Instrument: add text field for creating/inserting values in popup menu without needs to open table definitions
  • Instrument: add undo capability
  • Instrument: add menu for importing Goattracker 2 instrument definitions
  • Instrument: add menu for importing SidWizard instrument definitions
  • Instrument: clear of tables now preserve usage
  • Instrument: load of tables from file now preserve usage
  • Instrument: save as table use right chooser now
  • Instrument: relative notes are now not fixed
  • Instrument: fix song packer for instrument so playroll is now right
  • Pattern: accepts MIDI notes
  • Pattern: add configuration panel with note and color for this pattern
  • Pattern: add undo capability
  • Track: add undo capability
  • Track: border is colored with color set in pattern
  • Song: add comments to songs (even for player)
  • Song: remove compilation bugs due to allow of " char passed to compiler
  • Song: after loading a song, the instrument panel is updated correctly
  • Song: real-time view of tracks/patterns during the play of song
  • Option: configure MIDI input/output devices
  • Option: allow all patterns to scroll the same way
  • Option: can set the number of undo action
  • Option: can set if input text after popup of instrument should be erased after input action
  • Option: add 468Hz A4 freq. table (Paul Hugles), 415Hz table (Prosonix Editor), 438Hz table (Goattracker1 Editor), 449Hz table (Ian Crabtree) and fix invalid 434Hz table.
  • Option: can use undocument opcode in player
  • Player: can have user comment
  • Player: conditional compilation to remove commands in pattern not used
  • Player: mute instrument execution at finish of song and during rest command
  • Player: reduce rastertime by optimizing instructions
  • Player: use a table for relative notes
  • Packer: correctly create number of song in PSID
  • Packer: PRG has the rastertime calculation and visualization during playback

JITT64 1.01
PlatformsWindows, Linux
AuthorIce Team


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jitt64-win32-1.04.zip 39 MB
jitt64-win64-1.0.4.zip 108 MB

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