JITT64 1.03

JITT64 1.03

  • Instrument: add notes tool tips in piano roll
  • Instrument: real-time compilation added for piano roll
  • Instrument: piano roll accepts MIDI notes
  • Instrument: add text field for creating/inserting values in popup menu without needs to open table definitions
  • Instrument: add undo capability
  • Instrument: add menu for importing Goattracker 2 instrument definitions
  • Instrument: add menu for importing SidWizard instrument definitions
  • Instrument: clear of tables now preserve usage
  • Instrument: load of tables from file now preserve usage
  • Instrument: save as table use right chooser now
  • Instrument: relative notes are now not fixed
  • Instrument: fix song packer for instrument so playroll is now right
  • Pattern: accepts MIDI notes
  • Pattern: add configuration panel with note and color for this pattern
  • Pattern: add undo capability
  • Track: add undo capability
  • Track: border is colored with color set in pattern
  • Song: add comments to songs (even for player)
  • Song: remove compilation bugs due to allow of " char passed to compiler
  • Song: after loading a song, the instrument panel is updated correctly
  • Song: real-time view of tracks/patterns during the play of song
  • Option: configure MIDI input/output devices
  • Option: allow all patterns to scroll the same way
  • Option: can set the number of undo action
  • Option: can set if input text after popup of instrument should be erased after input action
  • Option: add 468Hz A4 freq. table (Paul Hugles), 415Hz table (Prosonix Editor), 438Hz table (Goattracker1 Editor), 449Hz table (Ian Crabtree) and fix invalid 434Hz table.
  • Option: can use undocument opcode in player
  • Option: can use more zero pages addresses for reducing max raster time usage
  • Player: can have user comment
  • Player: conditional compilation to remove commands in pattern not used
  • Player: mute instrument execution at finish of song and during rest command
  • Player: reduce rastertime by optimizing instructions
  • Player: use a table for relative notes
  • Packer: correctly create number of song in PSID


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Feb 02, 2019

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