JITT64 1.02

JITT64 1.02:

  • Option: add the disable conditional compilation optimization
  • Option: you can select 4 type of frequencies table
  • Option: filter cut off frequency can now be in siddump format
  • Option: load/store position/size of pattern and instrument windows
  • Pattern: add an external separate window
  • Pattern: paste can be indipendent for note/instrument/command
  • Pattern: notes in selection can be inc/dec for one octave or half step
  • Pattern: octave up/dn and instrument +/- can be activated by keyboard shortcut
  • Instrument: add missing notify background compilation for AD/SR/Wave changes
  • Instrument: fix bugged move of instrument in list
  • Packer: add missing write of 'write order'
  • Player: conditional compilation to remove instrument code not used
  • Player: can now use 4 tables of frequencies
  • Player: fix test of write order
  • Player: improve quality of sexy-hardrestart
  • Player: fix rel note in instrument that kill tone-portamento. Now you can skip hardrestart in tone-portamento by not use instrument in the line where you start portamento command.
  • Song: add a progress indicator when loading/saving a song

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