JC64dis 2.1

Fix RSID header creation

Add hex/text/char dialog view (with C64 font)

Fix compiling PSID if relocate is below loading address

Fix DDCB and FDCB Z80 operand/instruction position in tables

Add carets for instruction in Z80

Partial labels on next bytes implemented for Z80

fix TMPx / Tass64 ans Acme word swapped macro and tribyte Acme macro

fix Mono and Multi sprite (double) comments on byte type

Add Glass Z80 assembler support

Fix insert costants of order>3 table bug

the installer released with 2.0 were pointing to the JC64dis.jar and so was not an installer! Maybe after testing in my pc, the real jar of installer where replaced by the program itself. So for the moment the installer binary is hidden until I fix it.


jc64dis-win.zip 11 MB
Jun 12, 2022
jc64dis-win64.zip 116 MB
Jun 12, 2022
jc64dis-win32.zip 47 MB
Jun 12, 2022
jc64dis-java.zip 11 MB
Jun 12, 2022

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Lots of fixes! Good work!