JC64dis 2.7

Optimize miniature scrollbars

Fix real time theme change

Fix access outside memory for relative address that can occurs with copy/paste

Add syntax highlight themes

Add () to avoid compilation errors with relative address inside byte <,> declaration

Add un-mark data right click action

Fix ctrl+F with miniature

Hidden happy features

Remove invalid editable state for source panel


jc64dis-java.zip 20 MB
Oct 22, 2023
jc64dis-win64.zip 58 MB
Oct 22, 2023
jc64dis-installer.zip 21 MB
Oct 22, 2023
jc64dis-win.zip 20 MB
Oct 22, 2023

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I think one of your downloads is missing the file extension. 

jc64dis-win32 56 MB                                                                                                                                        5 hours ago (22 October 2023 @ 09:36)


Good catch up.

Now I'm upload the right version. Thanks

Your welcome! :)