JC64dis 1.8

Fix SidFreq for Master Composer, add more kind of tables identified

Fix Option size and dimension

Use libraries inside jar
Clear all automatic comments

Activate comments onto word, tribyte, long, address and word swapped

Pedantic option for load/save/apply messages

Propose to save on operations that destroy the actual work (close, new, ...)

Allow to define custom + and - label onto address inside an cpu operation operands

Option to allow direct patch value on memory VL click

Fix undo memory table refresh

Fix relative (negative) address for ^ bug

Allow definition of label on zero page in next byte of operation

Constants can be even like operations (eg. C0+12)

Constants allowed to be even of 16 bits for use in word declaration

Add bin extension and remember position of file chooser for SIDLD

Preliminary Z80 support

Support AY music file

After an undo action the retrieve state is not put in undo queeue again


jc64dis-java.zip 11 MB
Feb 17, 2022
jc64dis-win32.zip 48 MB
Feb 17, 2022
jc64dis-win64.zip 117 MB
Feb 17, 2022

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