JC64dis 1.7

Copy/paste memory data from two different instances

Show the memory address where a duplicated label being created is in memory

Undo function

Better high address positioning on open of wizard

Clear all labels if no one is selected

Shify+click select the end address in memory

Show size of same are in memory tooltip

Fix some keys shortcut not working

Alt+home and Alt+end go to top/end in memory of the same type of actual position

Last direcotry for project and file selection saved on preference

Memory scroll after click event is in center of screen now

If there still a bug to catch in code, labels appears like $xxxx but program showes the source

Fix bug (sign overflow) in relative addressing with ^

Fix PSID heather generation bug

Activate f3 option for Dasm assembler

Fix constant declaration for kickassembler

Add linker for Ca65, so now it generates binary directly

Fix Sidld adding file and mem size


jc64dis-win32.zip 47 MB
Jan 01, 2022
jc64dis-java.zip 10 MB
Jan 01, 2022

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