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ReGame 64

A non-profict A5 book of 40 pages produces in some volumes about Commodore 64 new games review with lot of spaces for creators!

Some spaces is dedicated also to the 8bit graphics pixeled onto the C64!

Book is printed by a professional typography for having a true high quality paper publication offered at the less possible cost!

You can get your printed hardcopy here: http://regame64.altervista.org

Every one that get a copy of the book can then download a low resolution PDF for use in phone or tablet using the QR-code printed on it.

The book is printed following those specification:

  • Internal page with 100 g/m^2 Classic Demimatt (matt coated)
  • External page with 300 g/m^2 Matt plastic coating. I choose this instead of glossy plastic coating or Soft Touch lamination to be like the internal pages

Due to the no profit nature of the book, the price that it is sold did not cover all costs involved into the realization of it, as the printed book is for true collectors that love to read on high quality papers!

For this reason we are offering even a 200 DPI or 300DPI version of the PDF for the people that, still loving the paper, want to read it on PC with a good image resolution like if it was on paper. Please take present the image are calibrated for CMYK colors, not RGB.

The PDF are for personal usage and not shareable (please consider that one volume takes very long time to be realized, many hours and not sleeping night!).

Printed book are realized instead with 600 DPI resolution so I encourage you to get the physical version because it's a true gem.

Volume #1

The first volume of ReGame 64 reviews 3 new  games for the C64, the first one (that got the back cover book image) are described in details by his creator that point out how a point and click game is realized.


  • Caren and the Tangled Tentacles
    • Creator's corner: code with enthusi
  • Let's Invade!
    • Creator's corner: 360° with Richard
    • Creator's corner: graphic with errazking
  • Donkey Kong 2016
    • Creator's corner: code with Peiselulli
  • The book of Ivan Venturi
    • Special QR-code angle
  • Graphic Pixel Art
  • Limbo (?)
  • Addendum

As ReGame 64 gives spaces to creator, we can see peaces of codes from Caren and the Tangled Tentacles and Donkey Kong 2016 game!

This first volume has a linear layout that takes no advantage of shades of color, but it was a true test of typographical printing result. As the test was very impressive, the next volumes changes the layout by adding more colors!


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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