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LSS Game Contruction Kit

Little Sara Sister Game Construction Kit is the custom IDE used for producing the Little Sara Sister 2 C64 game. This tool were sold inside the Little Sara Sister Trilogy disk game (See here for the tape version of it: https://iceteam.itch.io/little-sara-sister-trilogy-c64-tape).

The program is in Java and comes with all the assets used for making LSS2 game, so you can start to play with a real C64 game.

A PDF manual is provided with the description of the editor, so you will be ready to make your game in short time even if you are not a programmer!

Instead, if you are a programmer, there is all the Java source code of the tool available if you want to customize the editor. In  every cases the Assembly source of the C64 game engine is inside the Jar that comes with the GCK.

The Java source code is a most advanced version of the tools that can create fixed 40x25 screen map (we use it a lot in other game projects).

In order to create a game with the GCK, you need to have those elements:

  • char definitions that you can create/edit (from the provided example) with the program. Chars can be hires or multicolor and you defines the chars from 64 to 255)
  • blocks definitions of 4x4 chars that you can create from the chars. Block will be used when creating a map
  • you need to associate an enemy sprites with a char, so in map you can set the position where the enemy appears. Else you have to associate chars from restart points, enemy collision and died.
  • you can create maps using the blocks already defined. Every maps have a different size and the unique limit is the memory it uses (that cannot go over 255 compressed bytes)
  • You have to insert into the GCK the order of the maps you create, the Koala pictures (for intro e for main page) to use (you can use the provided one or use any C64 image program to create it, the music at $4000 address (you can use the provided one or create your own using any C64 music tools and you need 6 sub tunes at least), insert 6 lines of text that will be put into title screen

At this point the Make Game button will generate the C64 executable!

PlatformsWindows, Linux
AuthorIce Team
Tags8-Bit, Commodore 64


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